Fragoleto is the first Portuguese ice cream maker to produce ice cream with organic certification.

Organic Ice Pops

They are healthy and delicious! We have a wide range in stick ice creams. Make your choice: fruit or milk, with delicious chocolate covering.

Organic Ice Cream Boxes

Several flavors are available in 400ml thermic box made in compostable material. This is the best solution to take a good ice cream and be ecofriendly.

Where to buy?

In the main shops and organic supermarkets.

Organic: Natural, Authentic Products

There are ever more people concerned about the impact of food on health and nature, which explains the growing demand for organic products in recent years. These products are obtained through production techniques that respect the planet (soil, natural resources, and animals) and also human beings.

In organic agriculture, no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, no genetically modified (GM) seeds or plants, are allowed. And the animals created for the production of meat, dairy products or eggs live in spaces respectful of their well-being. Only farmers and production companies that scrupulously respect these rules get the European organic certification label.
Since 2016, Fragoleto has been producing many flavors with the organic label. This production allows an authentic respect of the all nutritional qualities of the ingredients used to make the different ice cream..


Creamy or fruit? Waffle cone or cup? Traditional or innovative flavors? Allow yourself to be surprised by our vast range of ice cream. We also have vegan and sugar-free options.

Where to buy?

Fragoleto shop

Av. 25 de Abril, 24A – Pontinha

Open February to November