Fragoleto is the first Portuguese ice cream brand to produce ice creams with organic certification.

Organic Ice Pops

Healthy and delicious. We have a wide range of stick ice creams - icepops - made with organic ingredients. Just choose: fruit or milk with a delicious covering chocolate.

Organic Ice Cream Boxes

We have several flavours available in 400ml isothermal boxes that are 100% compostable (they decompose in nature). The ideal solution for those who want to have a good ice cream at home being environmentally friendly.

Where to buy?

In the main shops and organic supermarkets.

Organic: Natural and Authentic Products

More and more people are paying attention to the impact that food can have on their health and on nature. This concern explains the growing demand in recent years for organic products, which by definition are obtained through production techniques that respect the planet (soils, natural resources, animals) and also human beings.

In organic farming there can be no synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilisers, nor can genetically modified seeds and plants (GMOs). And animals raised for meat, dairy or eggs must live in areas that respect their welfare. Only farmers and processing companies that scrupulously comply with these rules receive the European organic certification label.
Since 2016 Fragoleto has been producing ice creams with organic certification, guaranteeing the consumer authentic flavour and all the qualities of nutritional content and organic raw materials.


Creamy or fruit? Cone or cup? Traditional or innovative flavours? Let yourself be surprised by our wide range of ice creams. And we also have vegan and sugar-free options.

Where to buy?

Fragoleto shop

Rua do Comércio, nº15 – Lisboa

Open February to November